Benefits of a Content Management System

Date: August 05,2012 Category: Blog, Content Management Systems

Benefits of Mediaspawn’s Content Management Solutions (CMS)
Mediaspawn’s Content Management Server holds a unique position in web content management solutions in that:
· It leverages non-technical users’ ability to use tools such as E-mail and Word, and
· It leverages technical teams’ capabilities and resources.
This is achieved by placing the control of determining and publishing web content into non technical peoples hands and relieving IT departments from having to complete web updating requests. The benefits of using Mediaspawn Content Management Solutions do not end here; it offers organisations real efficiencies in the following areas:
· Web content can be entered and updated in seconds by non technical people
· Content is always up-to-date and correct as it is originated and published from knowledge centres in the business
· Content Managers can fine grain control through an approval process in respect to what is published. This is achieved by layering authorisation levels within the admin panel
· Consistent branding can be maintained throughout the site irrespective of its size or the number of users working on, or changing, the content
· Mediaspawn’s CMS Solutions content increases the accessibility of the information both to the site visitor and the user
· Mediaspawn’s CMS Solutions allows you to maximise the usage of the content on the site through a dynamic relational functionality
· Integrates with all key organisational line of business applications.
· Provides easily searchable content without lists of unwanted information
· Multiplies your target audience through its ability to publish content in numerous other languages
· Supports Secure Private Areas for Subscribers and has Secure Extranet Capabilities
· Mediaspawn’s CMS Solutions can be used for targeted communication to Subscriber Lists
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