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Mediaspawn is dedicated to building a strong brand for your business. Your brand reflects the way your clients will identify with your business and we are committed to working closely with you in order to develop and design your logo/brand identity, which will help you appeal to your target market. Mediaspawn employs a three-step process to develop and customize your brand.


Step 1: Research and Planning

During this stage of the design process, Boogie Graphics’ staff and designers will look at your business’ mission and identify your market and competitors. With this information, we will begin mock-ups and sample designs for your new logo/image.


Step 2: Development

This stage will include the development of your brand in the form of logo design and identification (business cards, website, social media sites, marketing/promotional tools etc.)


Step 3: Publish

This is the final stage where your customers will be able to see and identify your brand. Although this is the last stage, we are available to continue updating your social networking sites, website, and marketing tools.


Your brand is important. It’s your image—your chance at a first impression. Boogie Graphics will make that first impression a lasting one.