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Increase traffic to your site
Boost sales / Increase ROI
Improve your competitive edge

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Mediaspawn’s Internet Marketing Campaign enable small to medium sized businesses establish a presence in the natural search engine rankings (Organic) of the major search engines.
We drive more traffic to your website by improving your site’s ranking in the search engines.

Whether you call it internet marketing, website promotion, online marketing, link building, or search engine optimization, it boils down to one thing: we bring you more qualified visitors to your website, and that translates into more business for you.


We promote your website using only ethical, search engine friendly methods.

We are not interested in quick fixes or trying to manipulate the search engines. If you use those tactics, your site can be penalized and drop like a rock in the search engines.

Our program of ongoing internet marketing, helps you build a strong website with excellent content, appropriate for your industry. We help make your site the best it can be, and that increases traffic to your site and increases your search engine ranking.


One of the most cost effective methods of advertising, search engines are the #1 way Internet users find websites and search engine marketing continues to deliver the highest pre-qualified audience online.

Many search engines determine the value of a website based on the number and quality of other websites linking to it. Further defining the quality of a website may be determined by several factors including the age of a site, relevance of the site material, and (using the same factors), the amount of credible links which point to that site.


Much like the success of your business, the success of your Internet Marketing Campaign is dependant on several main components working collectively together that include:




Our Approach


While the specific Internet marketing services and techniques we use vary by campaign, we always employ a common four step approach: Competitive Analysis, Strategy Development, Implementation, Analytics / Tracking and Follow-up.


Competitive Analysis


A competitor analysis is one very effective method of deconstructing your competitors online marketing strategy to discover how well they are doing.


A Competitive Analysis is the only way for your company to find out why your competitors’ websites are ahead of your site. It is the only way to know how your competitors managed to achieve a top search engine placement, how to improve your website optimization and how to modify your website promotion and internet advertising strategies to beat the competitors to the top placement.


Strategy Development


The key to a successful SEO campaign is developing an effective strategy. Organic SEO is not simply a function of how well you’ve coded your site. Its not only about having the best content or largest number of incoming links either. While these are parts of an effective organically driven SEO campaign, creating a winning SEO campaign is all about creating a winning strategy. A winning strategy incorporates what you’ve discovered about your industry and competition (via in-depth industry research and competitive analysis), a best-practices approach to on-site and off-site optimization, as well as your company’s resources and capabilities. The Internet is so competitive these days that without a sound strategy your SEO efforts will likely yield little dividend.




Implementation of a successful internet marketing campaign is an extension of a competitive strategy that builds from sound research and analysis. As part of our custom Internet Marketing Strategy we offer the following solutions.


Keyword Research

Meta Information Analysis and Optimization

Comprehensive Website Audit

Link Popularity Audit, Analysis and Building

Competitive Analysis

Optimized Code Analysis and Implementation

Optimized Content Analysis and Implementation

Content Writing

Customized Link Building and Management

Strategic Website Design Recommendations *

Internal-Linking Recommendations *

One-on-One Consulting

Scheduled Optimized Code/Content Check-ups

Website Analytics

Monthly Recommendations *

Quarterly Review


* Could incur additional fees


Analytics & Tracking


Get more about your website’s visitors – where they come from, which pages they visit most, why they leave without contacting you! Mediaspawn’s website analytics and advanced website tracking service can help you get more qualified visitors to your website and convert more visitors into leads and sales.


Out Web analytics applications can also help companies measure the results of traditional print advertising campaigns. It helps one to estimate how traffic changes to a website after the launch of a new advertising campaign. Web analytics provides information about the number of visitors to a website and the number of page views. It helps gauge traffic and popularity trends which is useful for market research.


We provide accurate information on your keyword rankings. From the first report (baseline report) to the final report, each keyword is closely monitored. Reports are emailed monthly and track the progress of keywords on a month by month basis. These reports are genuine as an executive overview and provide higher keyword rankings and a wealth of historical data.


Follow Up


Effective website promotion is not a one time proposition. Even with proper web site optimization and search engine submission it may take additional work to get your website listed on top search engines, in the proper search category, with high keyword rankings.


Additionally, with the rules of the game changing regularly there is no guarantee that once your site gets listed that it will stay listed. In fact, without continual monitoring and work many websites lose their search engine rankings. Our Internet marketing solutions focus on long-term results ensuring that your business website succeeds today, tomorrow and into the future.


It is not easy to set up and manage a highly successful Internet marketing campaign. Many companies fail because they do not have the knowledge base, experience, and expertise. We are willing to put our expertise and knowledge base into making your Internet marketing campaign a success.

Our Internet Marketing solutions are creative, intuitive, and response-based.