We All Live Here

Key Deliverables

  • - Layout & Design
  • - Development
  • - Content Management System
  • - On-going Maintenance
  • - Web Hosting


We All Live Here Inc. is a vehicle for David W. Zapparoli to showcases some of his best work of the last 30 years and emphasizes a, generally, optimistic view of the world that we share.


Over the years of making these photographs, he has developed a level of intimacy with his environment that he wants to share with the public.


“We all live here” is another way of announcing  that we all have a stake in the place that we call home, and ultimately, we are all connected by that place. It is evident in these offerings, whether exploring a local neighbourhood or another continent.


Though most of the photographs were taken in his hometown of Toronto, Canada,  several are from other parts of the world.



Develop a an e-commerce website that allows for the purchasing of photos of various sizes and prices via an online shopping cart.




We developed a custom module to deliver the required features for our client.

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