Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design

Date: March 18,2013 Category: Blog

Responsive Websites on DevicesWhat is Responsive Website Design?


A responsive or mobile friendly website is one that adapts to any platform its viewed on whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


A responsive website dynamically re-arranges and re-sizes its content based on the platform its being viewed on with the intention of fully utilizing the available space making the site easier to view and navigate.


Why do I need a Responsive Website Design?


To navigate a website on a mobile device can be a frustrating experience because of its small size, text can be difficult to read, users have to continuously have to pinch and zoom out in-order to see the content. You could be loosing business because many website visitors will move on to a site that’s been optimized for their device, such as a responsive website.


Platforms other than desktops such as smartphones and tablets are growing rapidly and its a good investment to make it easier for your website visitors to view and navigate your website without issues.


A responsive website design also negates the need to build a secondary mobile site and will save your company money and time.

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