SimplyCast Unveils Data Centre in Toronto

Date: December 06,2012 Category: Blog, News

simplecastCanadian startup SimplyCast, which specializes in multi-channel marketing platform-as-a-service solutions, today announced the unveiling of their Canadian Data Centre. The new data centre will help meet privacy laws and government requirements for online data storage.


The data centre is located in Toronto and will give SimplyCast clients the option of storing their company and client data completely in Canada. SimplyCast points out that this is increasingly becoming a must for Canadian organizations due to Canada having much stricter privacy laws and the fact that it is now required by many government agencies and universities to keep data within Canada’s borders.


“The Canadian data centre is ideal for Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Canadian businesses and institutions looking to keep their data safe and at home,” said Saeed El-Darahali, CEO of SimplyCast. “As a proud Canadian company, this will open up a new market that we previously could not enter.”


On top of all data being stored securely in Canada, SimplyCast says the launch of the data centre also includes full account billing in Canadian currency.


The startup is headquartered in Dartmouth, but has most of its Canadian clients in Ontario and BC, which is why it positioned its data centre near the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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