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Date: August 08,2012 Category: Blog, Internet Marketing

Mediaspawn’s Social Media Marketing Connect Program is designed to make the most of the fast growing Social Media and Web 2.0-based web. Social Web opportunities are tremendous, but rely on development of a well-laid-out plan to take advantage of the different options.


Mediaspawn’s Social Media Marketing Connect Program includes:

• Blog Marketing
• Online Public Relations and Distribution
• Facebook Marketing and Community Strategy
• Twitter Marketing and Engagement Monitoring
• Search Engine Marketing

Social media includes blogs, discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, photos, video, and social networking sites where content is driven by users. The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn,Twitter and others, demands your active presence on multiple sites to enhance your web profile.


Maximizing Impact for Social Media Marketing

Mediaspawn’s Social Media Optimization makes tagging and bookmarking on your website easy including adding the necessary linking options to different website sections to allow your site to easily communicate with the social bookmarking sites. This optimization lets users easily submit and forward your site’s articles /blog posts etc. to social bookmarking sites to extend your impact.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an off-the-Web feature of Social Media that involves activities such as writing remarkable, unique, and newsworthy content that can be marketed by popularizing it or by creating a “viral” video on YouTube and other video sites. Because Social Media is about being social, this off-the-Web work requires involvement in related blogs, forums and niche communities.
Search Engine Marketing or SEM involves using all available Social Networking platforms to brand and target a product to the end consumer using Search Engine Optimization or related communication techniques.
Mediaspawn Social Media Marketing Canada Program includes the initial research and setup, promotion activity on the social network. Mediaspawn uses several Social Media Marketing components to create a powerful promotional strategy.


User-generated Content-driven Sites Can Leverage Your Presence

User-generated-content sharing sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc. are excellent tools for attracting traffic and visibility. The site content is rated by generating votes to particular content (article, video, picture etc.). Usually the higher the number of votes an article or blog post generates, the higher the chances that article will be featured on the home page/ category pages.
An article featured on the first page of Digg, for example, can potentially send millions of new visitors to your site in a single day. Mediaspawn helps ensure you are in a position to take advantage of these sites.


Corporate Blogging a Key Tool for Effective Social Marketing

Mediaspawn’s corporate blogging program includes: custom blog design and setup, blog promotion, on-going monthly activity on the blog and commenting on other industry blogs and forums.

The blog must have good content to attract traffic and also generate high ranking. To become popular and well recognized, you need to contribute to other blogs on the web and leave relevant comments on these sites. These comments link to your blog and generate traffic from those blogs as well.


News Release and Article Marketing

News Release and Article Marketing bridges traditional media like radio, TV and newspapers with new social networking sites that include online forums, blogs and video. While the new media are becoming more prevalent, they co-exist with traditional media, which themselves are transforming to offer online services. News Release and Article Marketing not only ensures your messages are delivered across the spectrum of all media, but the search results and presence of your information linked back to your website strengthens your online presence and optimization.


Facebook Marketing and Community Strategy

Community Strategy involves assessing each client’s business or organizational profile for identifying which online communities are essential for the client to be represented on and ensuring the best positioning within each of those communities. Facebook is the leading social media site in the world boasting over 400 million active users. Mediaspawn helps leverage this social hub with innovative Facebook Marketing Programs.


Twitter Marketing and Engagement Monitoring

Engagement Monitoring involves monitoring how a client’s business or organization is represented and being discussed across the web as well as how major competitors are represented. The information is assessed and used to maintain reputation management and develop response strategies as required. A good Twitter Marketing program builds brand awareness, engagement and sales. Twitter is fast becoming essential with the ability to integrate local search engine marketing and SMS mobile marketing .


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    Nadine said:

    Get your audience focus by launching a mystery campaign.
    You’ll need to create a different page and maybe a micro-site to go with it. Post an intriguing video or picture on as many popular web sites as you are able to: Youtube, Reddit, 4chan, and so on. Promise your readers to reveal much more on a certain day, perhaps a week later. This is whenever you post new content in your micro-site and clarify show much more of the mysterious video and mention your brand.

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