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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing describes the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis and any other collaborative media used to develop marketing ideas, generate sales, develop public relations or provide customer service.

Some of the most common social media marketing tools are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Wikipedia and YouTube.


Mediaspawn’s social media marketing strategy involves marketing your website or business through the various social media channels in an attempt to obtain links, attention and quite possibly massive amounts of traffic.




Primary Traffic – Visitors who come directly from social media websites to view your content.

Secondary Traffic – Bloggers and other social media users link to you and send you visitors, after they come across your content through social media sites.

Viral Link Building – Building popularity on social media websites will bring you large quantities of high quality links. Adding high quality content to social media sites will bring numerous editorial links from other bloggers and social media participants. Editorial links are very attractive and cannot be bought. As the links to your website grow, so too will your visitors and repeat visitors, which will translate to an increase in your bottom line.

Viral Bookmarking & Sharing – Viral bookmarking starts with submitting high quality articles to social bookmarking sites. Visitors to these sites review, vote, and share your articles. The better articles will receive more attention and more positive votes, which will increase interest and exposure. Additionally, this effect is increased when visitors, bloggers or repeat visitors bookmark your articles to their favorite bookmarking sites.

Brand Awareness – Creation of brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising. In fact, brand awareness has influence on buying behaviour of a buyer. Our social media promotions will help expose your brand / products to the growing online community.

It Compliments Organic SEO – Social media websites are a great place to build links from social sites and other Internet users. These quality links will help to improve your organic search engine rankings.


In the experienced hands of Mediaspawn, social media marketing is a powerful tool that will increase traffic to your website, build back links to your website, increase your company’s exposure, and help you monitor your online reputation.


The biggest value of social media is viral sharing, when it is effectively promoted through highly trafficked social media channels. We develop marketing strategies that creatively expose your product / service to millions of social media users. We help you create high quality content that users will enjoy and want to share with others online.