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Proven Framework

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we determine your unique business needs, choose the applicable framework and platform, customize the code to deliver a solution to satisfy your project requirements.


Content Management Systems

Mediaspawn utilizes Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal and WordPress to manage our clients websites.

They allow anyone to manage and publish a dynamic website without any programming knowledge or technical skills.

With an easy to use administrative interface, and complete flexibility of page design and layout, its a powerful tool to enable collaboration on development, deployment and management of multiple enterprise-level websites, extranets, intranets, and portals.

We develop custom Drupal and WordPress themes, modules and plugins to suit our clients specific needs.


Web Application Framework

Some client require a more robust and customizable solution for their business than is provided by Drupal or WordPress.

A Web Application Framework is used to implement the standard structure of an application and designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources.



CakePHP is a open source PHP web application framework that is modeled after Ruby on Rails. It makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. It features easy configuration, rapid prototyping with code generation and scaffolding, clean MVC conventions, and a secure framework.

It utilizes a foundational structure to rapidly develop web applications and has an active developer team and community, bringing great value to it.

In addition to keeping you from reinventing-the-wheel, using CakePHP means your application’s core is well tested and is being constantly improved.


Why use CakePHP?

  • - Rapid Development
  • - Well-structured code with a coding convention for clean and efficient code
  • - Utilizes a powerful MVC architecture that guarantees a strict but natural separation of business logic from data and presentation layers
  • - Open source with a large developer community


Mediaspawn extensive experience utilizing CakePHP’s framework, can meet your development needs from concept to completion, with a proven track record of delivering powerful, stable and comprehensive solutions.



Scalability and Performance

In this fast paced world of technology your website must be able to accommodate future additions and expansion in a seamless way.
All our custom web development projects employ strategies for efficient and scalable web solutions to ensure your website remains current and competitive.



On-going Support & Maintenance

We are available to answer or address any website issues and provide on-going maintenance if required and engage at all stages of a project, from conception through launch and onto the day to day management required for your business to succeed.