What not to do on your business website

Date: June 01,2012 Category: Blog, Website Design, Website Development

While the need for even having a website has come increasingly into question (don’t get me wrong…I still suggest having one in most cases), there are a lot of things to avoid if you are operating one. Frankly, a really bad web site can be worse than not having a website at all.

- Don’t add music to your site that plays automatically; use a media player and allow users to turn it on and off as they wish!

- Don’t add objects that flicker and flash; these are harsh on the eyes and can negatively affect people who suffer from certain types of headaches and seizures!

- Don’t use dashes in your domain name – people forget where to put the dash!

- No “Under construction” signs! Don’t publish your site or section until it is complete.

- No junky advertising – it makes your site look cheap and your product less professional!

Designers are well aware of these rules, but let’s face it – not everybody has the funds for a professional designer, and a lot of small businesses find themselves working with very limited resources and a do-it-yourself mentality. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless customers can obviously tell that’s the case.

Top five sins business websites make without knowing it. They are:

1. Writing content that focuses on features instead of benefits
2. Not making your business website search engine friendly
3. Failing to keep your business website fresh
4. Not having a call to action
5. Making it too hard for customers to buy from you.

These are not bad things to keep in mind. That last one is probably the most important of the list. Usability is imperative.

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